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Cambridge - English Language Assessment Programme

Language is the most important tool for communication.  We believe and understand the importance of English language, so to inculcate the same in our staff and students; we have introduced this CAMBRIDGE ENGLISH ASSESSMENT PROGRAMME in our school. 

Cambridge English is a unique approach to teaching, learning and assessing English. It combines the experience and expertise of Cambridge English Language Assessment and Cambridge University Press.

Cambridge English is driven by world-class research and a profound commitment to:

  • delivering educational excellence
  • providing increased opportunities for learners and teachers
  • offering value to teachers, educational institutions and employers
  • promoting language learning to benefit society as a whole.

Seven reasons to choose Cambridge English:

1. Develop real-life English skills

2. Exams for a range of levels and uses

3. Accepted for work, immigration and study globally

4. Fully supported by a range of learning and teaching resources

5. International and available worldwide

6. Secure, reliable and fair

7. Backed by world-class research


The facilitators give the YLE and ELIT exams and our students are encouraged to give Starters, Movers and Flyers exams to enhance their language skills.  These exams not only improve the vocabulary, but also make their listening and speaking skills great.

We are also proud to announce that the school is the  Exam Preparation Centre for the CAMBRIDGE ENGLISH ASSESSMENT PROGRAMME.