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Vision & Mission

                               "Creating Responsible Global Citizens"

Our beliefs:

We believe that we can translate our vision into reality by providing:

  • A curriculum that enlightens the mind.

  • A teaching methodology that excites the imagination.

  • Strong foundations that last beyound a lifetime.

  • An environment that nourishes the soul.

These beliefs help us stay focused on:

Our vision

"Creating Responsible Global Citizens"

Our mission

  • To provide a beautiful and positive learning environment for all our students.

  • To help every child preserve the 'childhood' and yet prepare him/her for the challenges of life.

  • To nurture the growth and development of children and encourage them to think, experiment and learn.

Aims and objectives

“Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one”

-Malcolm S.Forbes


We understand that...Each student is important and every student can learn.

Students have different learning styles.All students can become responsible for their actions.Learning takes place in a disciplined, caring environment.

The school aims at an overall development of the students covering moral, physical, intellectual,emotional and social dimensions through training and helps them become responsible citizens of our country by making them open their minds to receive and become lifelong learners.

The school is committed to serve the educational needs and the aspirations of the society by meeting it's aims and objectives.