The Mentoria Solution will be with the children from the grade 9 till the time they secure their first job.


Mentoria is a unique and holistic career discovery platform, enabling students (Grade 9 to 12) to discover themselves and the careers they will truly enjoy and excel at and hand holding them till they start their first job.

With over 12,000 career paths available today, Mentoria conducts a presentation for all the Grade 9 & 10 students of school taking them through the criticality and complexity of career decision making. They help in deciding in 2 steps.

1] Discovering yourself, your interests, personality and ability.
2] Discovering your future world (understanding what your career is all about, andwhether you see yourself in that space).

Mentoria’s offers students (and their parents) an opportunity to peek into the future career path they are most likely to enjoy traversing and handhold them throughout this discovery process and facilitate accurate career decisions, leading to happier individuals, families and nations.

Mentoria conducts psychometric assessments for all the grade 9 &10 students at the school, enabling them to take the first step in discovering themselves. The parents are explained the importance of making informed career decisions, covering issues like depression, increasing suicide rates and how careers/educational streams affect a student’s life in many ways and making them to understand the complexity of making this decision.

1] Helping the child discover themselves through a psychometric/career assessment.

2] Connecting the parent and the child with experienced career counsellors, who would help the student understand his/her strengths, development areas, and the report itself.

3] Students gain access to a knowledge gateway where they can discover more about various career options, understand what their career is going to be all about, know about the payscales in their chosen career, and learn about the various colleges and universities where they can pursue higher studies.

4] Students will also be connected with professionals in their careers through webinars, through which they can get all the questions they might have about a certain profession answered.

News and Update

Mentoria has successfully conducted counseling sessions for all the students who have subscribed to the full Mentoria solution in the school itself. Every student at City International School Kothrud who was part of this batch will forever remember the school’s additional effort in ensuring their lifetime of Happiness and Success.