Pre - Primary


To provide a beautiful and positive learning environment for all our students.

To help every child preserve the 'childhood' and yet prepare him/her for the challenges of life.

Pre - Primary

“Helping every student, at every level learn, keep up and move forward”

The children here are treated like delicate flowers where they grow naturally while learning by playing. The method is a Child Centered Play Way Concept, the effect of which will last in them for a lifetime. We believe in imbibing right human values and morals creating a strong foundation true to our motto.

Your precious little heart throbs are taken care of with great love and they learn, play and grow in a loving and cordial atmosphere. The school follows the child centric method where children learn through the play way method so the concepts that are taught to them are imbibed in their minds forever. Teaching of right human values and morals is considered of prime importance to create a strong foundation for them true to the motto.

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Festivals and special days

is celebrated with great religious fervor and students come in traditional wear. The Palki is carried by them with the chanting “Jai JaiVitthal”.