Unified Council

Unified Council

Unlike regular tests which try only to find out how much a child knows (or has memorized), NSTSE measures how well a student has understood concepts and gives detailed feedback on the same, to help them improve.

Unified  Council

To contribute meaningfully in tomorrow's world, students and schools need to shift from FACTS to SKILLS.

Unified Council offers products and services that help to accurately measure learning, promote self-learning in children and empower educators and schools.

Unified Council offers various diagnostic tests for students of classes 1 to 12. These tests help pinpoint students’ strengths and weaknesses and also provide a benchmark with their peers.

We organize and conduct these exams of UCO and NSTSE to students of Grade 3 to 10 in the school. CISK is also an Open Centre for the exam for few schools in and around Kothrud.

1] Streamlining computer education.
2] Instilling competitiveness in computer education.
3] Including logic, reasoning and mental ability in the learning process.
4] Identifying talent and assessing students on a nationwide platform.
5] Exposing students to the latest technology and study in computers.

National Level Science Talent Search Examination-2015

Thus NSTSE helps each student know whether he/she has actually understood a concept early on so that immediate action can be taken. Often students have conceptual gaps which increase as they progress and when they reach the higher classes, they develop a "phobia" for the subject.

The important skills like the ability to think independently and reason logically - critical in today's world - are emphasised in this test.

The focus on fundamentals is so important that when the child finishes studies he/she will have to face the competitive world armed with these fundamentals. Even while opting for higher studies, the student has to go through a complete scan of what he/she knows and how much. Exams like IIT-JEE, AIEEE, AFMC, AIIMS, GRE, GMAT, CAT etc., are so designed to test the fundamental strength of student. Hence the need of the hour is building the fundamentals base as strong as possible.

This exactly is the philosophy behind the Unified Council's NSTSE.

NSTSE is unlike other tests in many different ways. It

1] Streamlining computer education.
2] Has interesting questions that require thinking, not simply recall.
3] Provides detailed skill-wise feedback highlighting strengths and weaknesses
4] Provides a benchmark of the student's performance with peers all over the country.

The students enthusiastically participate in this UCO and NSTSE and have won laurels for the school by winning State and National Level Results.

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Unified Council

Thus, NSTSE focuses on IMPROVEMENT rather than comparison or grading. It also reduces the stress of exams by checking UNDERSTANDING rather than FACTS.