School Cinema

School Cinema

School Cinema is a learning module on life skills, values & attitudes, developed through research and taught using short films and thought-provoking workbooks.

School Cinema

LxL Ideas enriches the lives of children through progressive initiatives using media. With over 15 years of focused experience, creative methodology and extensive research, LxL Ideas has continuously created inspiring and innovative offerings that are benchmarks in the Indian education space.

LxL Ideas has four major verticals: Krayon, Activity, Mentor and School Cinema that aim at empowering children and educators through events, training, publishing and films. LxL Ideas reaches out to over 3 million children from over 30,000 schools across the Indian Subcontinent annually.

LxL Ideas research in the kids segment has been published in various International journals. Its School Cinema films have won National Film Awards and have been featured in over 30 International Film Festivals. In addition, specialized, award-winning events executed by Krayon, have positioned it as the leader in the kids’ edutainment business.

An innovative concept developed by LxL Ideas, School Cinema is a film-based learning module combined with a fun and exciting workbook to reaffirm values, morals and equip children with skills to deal with everyday challenges.

A fine blend of entertainment and education, it uses a language that children are familiar with.

School Cinema aims to influence young minds into making better choices for themselves as young adults, as well as to improve the role parents and teachers play in the holistic development of children.

School Cinema is creating a positive impact on children using the powerful and enjoyable medium of cinema. Over 5,00,000 students in more than 600 schools across India, Nepal and the Middle East use School Cinema as part of their life skills learning curriculum.

Children in the school watch a movie based on life skills, values & attitudes during their life skill classes and the counselors take care to enforce the same by helping them to fill the workbook of school cinema.

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School Cinema

Is a film-base module that make learning lessons of life an entertaining experience. It reaffirms life skills & values for student, parents and educators through award winning films and engaging activities.