Middle Level

Co - Curricular Activities

To provide a beautiful and positive learning environment for all our students.

To help every child preserve the 'childhood' and yet prepare him/her for the challenges of life.

Middle Level

“Helping every student, at every level learn, keep up and move forward”

Is grade VI, VII & VIII. The students here are helped to become independent as they participate in a variety of activities. They learn to co-ordinate & co-operate with their peers along with building a strong academic base. The school emphasizes on expressing freely as we believe that discussions & interactions make the learning more effective. The students are assisted, guided & encouraged by their teachers who become true facilitators in all respects.

“Giving wings to innovation, imagination and creativity..."

The school also organizes various co-scholastic activities like the book fairs, exhibitions in science and other subjects, sports day, annual social gathering. All the students are motivated to perform and also enjoy the activities. The inner and hidden talents of our students get well demonstrated and exhibited in various programs that are conducted throughout the year by the school.

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Our students not only excel in studies but also in Sports, Literary and Cultural Activities.Adequate emphasis is given to non-scholastic activities as envisaged in our National Educational Policy